Coworking Spaces

Increase Engagement

We help coworking spaces increase community engagement by helping your members to self-organize social events

Social Events like...

  • Speaker Nights
  • Roundtables
  • Hackathons
  • Coding Clubs
  • Workshops
  • Product Groups
  • Yoga Mornings
  • Fitness Groups
  • Open Breakfast
  • After-work Drinks
  • Demo Days
  • Accountability Groups
  • Office Hours
  • Pre/Post Summit Meets
  • Games Night
  • Keynotes Night
  • Hobby Nights
  • Runway Events
  • Social Groups
  • Recruitment Drives

How it works


Our QR codes help new people join


Our chat app helps people socialize


Our platform helps people self-organize


No Setup Fees

0% Transaction Costs

2-Minute Setup

Free Forever Plan

Increase Collaboration

Increase UGC

Event Insights

Community Engagement


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You can create your business profile, QR codes and get started hosting events for free. We'll work with you for free and help you figure out which type of events will suit your space.

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